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What is Gaya Dewata? PDF Cetak Surel


The Gaya Dewata Foundation (YGD) Bali is a non-profit organisation concerned with sexual health, HIV-AIDS and sexuality issues among vulnerable and underserved MSM, gay and transgender communities in Bali.


The Gaya Dewata Foundation was established on the 14th February 1992 by concerned members of the gay community as part of a collaborative effort with the Citra Usadha Indonesia Foundation. In July, 1999 Gaya Dewata moved to stand on its own and after six years of hard work was officially registered as a legal organization in 21 August, 2009.


Vision & Mission

V: Equality between the group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender (LGBT) with the general people in Bali


M: Availability of sustainable programs through various empowerment activities and the development of education, health (especially sexual health) and Human Rights for LGBT group through multisectoral approaches.



1. Increase awareness of LGBT health-especially sexual health.

2. Provide advocacy and human rights for group LGBT

3. Build and strengthen the networking, and working with multi-sectoral.


Activities & Program

To play an active role in disseminating information about STIs and HIV-AIDS prevention through:

1.      One-on-one and group information sessions for MSM, gay and transgender communities.

2.      Routine outreach activities.

3.      STI and HIV-AIDS counseling.

4.      Referral assistance for STI screening and HIV testing.

5.      Providing support for PLWHA.

6.     To facilitate close working relationships with both government and non-government bodies.sations and individuals in the furthering of ideas and the achievement of the goals of YGD.


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